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On Fridays, we take a deep dive into a song that really makes us feel. Welcome to Friday Feels.

Swimm’s “Belly” Is a Weightless, Carefree Expression of How Summer Feels

Do you have a playlist you’ve started that’s solely dedicated to upbeat, chipper songs that ooze the warm essence of summer? Well even if you don’t, there are most likely songs that you hum in your head that transport you to that time of year. Maybe you think of some circa-2010s Vampire Weekend or even more recent ones like Portugal, The Man. or GROUPLOVE, but those are bands that are almost considered household names…

With barely more than 9k followers on Spotify, Swimm might not be the obvious choice on a “summer jams” playlist, however, I’d argue that they deserve a spot in your tracklist more than your standard radio staples. Swimm, a small band that moved from Florida to California, pride themselves on “pouring every bit of themselves into their music.” Swimm choose to brand themselves as non-conformists, not snugly fitting into one particular genre and jovially indulging in the idea that they blur the lines between genres and that their music can be enjoyed by anyone from the adventurous alternative listener, to the die-hard pop fan. 

Among their most popular songs, like “Man’s Man” and “Uh Huh,” one stands out from the rest as what I consider a flawless piece of art that transports the listener to their favorite vacation spot. “Belly” is the song you play while cruising with your car windows set all the way down, your sunroof opened fully, the toasty, crisp summer air, flying through your hair and tickling your arms. When the scorching sun is pristinely shining, its rays softly tanning sunscreen-dabbled skin. Their song, “Belly” is the epitome of this feeling, the wistful sensation of no school or work, just a breezy yet hot day to spend however your heart desires. The time of year when the only thing on your mind is whether or not to go to the pool first and get ice cream after, or ice cream first then the pool. 

It’s honestly a shame that “Belly” is not featured more on the radio. It’s actually surprising to me that it isn’t. The tone, beat, and vocals give it all the qualities of a song that should be a contender for a spot on a “top summer hits” list. While it might not be a popular choice for summer music, I’d like to highlight it as the next song you should be adding to your queue when you’re getting ready to go on your a joyride around town this summer. It’s perfect to blast through your speakers and easy to catch on to and sing along to. It’s a seamless blend of alternative instruments and rhythms and addicting vocals that work to make an amazing acoustic interpretation of what summer feels like. This song breathes fun, it leaks with warmth and weightlessness and it makes you feel like you have nothing to worry about: at least, as long as you keep listening to it. So, if you’d like to be the cool person on the aux with a new song for your friends or family to check out, consider queueing this one up the next time you plan a summer drive. 


Mia Ashby is a senior studying journalism at Ohio University. She’s very invested in film, and loves to write about anything in the film/music genre. She has a knack for poetry, and often dreams of publishing her own psychological horror novel. Please note that the views and opinions of the columnist do not reflect those of the station. Do you agree? Tell Mia by emailing her at

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Written by: Emma Sedam

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