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    Fun Size Trending Topics September 23, 2021. His Name? St. Dangerous Of Course CD929

Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day! While you’re wearing green out at the WWCD and McConnell’s Pub Tour tomorrow, don’t forget to celebrate Ireland by playing some music by Irish artists! Here’s who we’ll be spinning:

Laura Lee will be playing some U2.

“I was on a Girl Scout trip in Switzerland and a bunch of the girls went off to do a polar bear plunge, but I hung back with typical young girl body image issues.  A friend let me borrow her CD collection to listen to while they were gone. I chose Achtung Baby due to the design on the CD, put it in my Discman, and was hooked. I asked if I could borrow that CD until we got back to the States and I could buy my own copy.”

It should come as no surprise that Tom Butler will be spinning his favorite band, My Bloody Valentine.

That band is the entire reason I picked up a guitar. To this day, no one else really sounds like them.”

Brian Phillips
makes what could be considered a controversial pick: The Undertones from Northern Ireland.

Their initial four album run from 1979 to 1983 is as good as any outfit of that era. Jumping off with impossibly catchy punk, pop songs about girls and awkwardness, The Undertones added a lot of color to their sound as they went along.

The second album Hypnotised is probably the best place to start as the record includes the corker ‘There Goes Norman’ and the hilarious ‘My Perfect Cousin.’ Being a band in the British Isles of that day, singles were everything. Their debut 7″ ‘Teenage Kicks’ from ’78 is quite an opening salvo. 

The Undertones still play festivals on occasion, but helium-voiced original frontman Feargal Sharkey has not been involved in their post-1983 activities.

DJ Nate
(who took over the evening shift this week) will be listening to some Flogging Molly. In particular the song “What’s Left of the Flag.”

Drunken Lullabies dropped as an album while I was a Junior in High School, back when I was very much a Warped Tour Kid.  I’ve probably listened to this record a few hundred times over the years. I’ve seen them a dozen times live, and even if it’s basically the same setlist, it’s still one of the most danceable sets you can see.  This is the best song on the record.

Adam Latek 
is putting on some music from The Pogues.

They write beautiful melodies, heartbreaking lyrics, and made some of the finest albums of ever heard.

Just Emma 
(hey, that’s me!) is sure to listen to some music from The Cranberries.

Songs like ‘Dreams’ and ‘Linger’  are enchanting, but then they drop in songs like ‘Animal Instinct’ about motherhood and ‘Zombie’ (which was about The Troubles in Northern Ireland) and you really get to feel the heart and soul of the band. Weirdly, one of the albums I’m most familiar with is Roses (2011), which served as their reunion album. Dolores O’Riordan was gone too soon.”

The guy helping the lights stay on, salesman Mike, also wanted to recommend “Whole of the Moon” by The Waterboys.


Stay tuned for more Staff Picks!


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